File Name: Concrete vol. 6: Strange Armor By Paul
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Concrete vol. 6: Strange Armor - Paul Chadwick


A troubled man seeking spiritual renewal in the wilderness experiences a wholly unexpected rebirth-as a walking monolith, half a ton of animate stone able to perform astonishing feats of strength and endurance but forever denied many of life's fundamental pleasures. As Concrete, Ronald Lithgow becomes an overnight celebrity and the focus of dark government operatives desperate to keep the secret of his metamorphosis from the public. Concrete must struggle with the loss of his humanity while discovering, perhaps for the first time, what it truly means to be human.

• "A powerful, emotional story . . . If you're not readingConcrete, you should be.”
-Sci-Fi Universe

• Paul Chadwick's award-winning Concrete has been called "the best comic being published by anyone, anywhere," andStrange Armor is the definitive origin story of one of the most original and moving characters in all of graphic fiction.

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